Opalite Tumbled Stones (5) Five

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Item: Five (5) Opalite Tumbled Stones 

Weight: ~81 grams / 2.86 oz.

Size:  ~30mm / 1 inch

Description: You will receive five (5) pieces, similar to what is photographed, with this order.

Metaphysical guide of Opalite:
Empowerment, Self-esteem, Balance, Healing, Compassion, Transition
Chakras: Crown
Astrological sign(s): Cancer
Vibration: Number 8

Opalite is a soft, subtle, and dynamic stone.

It’s an iridescent man-made glass resin which is made up of Dolomite and metal to create an opalescent appearance.

Opalite is believed to balance your yin-yang energies and align them with your higher self. This will in turn stabilize your mood swings and remove any blockages in your chakras and energy meridians.

Opalite is said to aid with keeping a healthy balance in your male and female energies, in your light and dark aspects, in your active and passive emotions, and in your daytime and nighttime energies.

Opalite is a stone that you should have if you wish to harness and increase your personal power. It is believed to boost your self-esteem and improve your sense of self-worth.