Clear Crystal Single-Terminated Point - Isis - CCGP13

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Item: Clear Crystal Single-Terminated Point - Isis - Time Line - CCGP13

Weight: 559 grams (17.72 oz. or 1.232 pounds)

Size:  5 cm (1.97 inches) x 13.5 cm (5.31 inches)


Isis Crystal - A crystal with a five-sided face is called an Isis crystal.  It is believed the Isis crystal will put you in touch with and strongly amplify your feminine energy, and can help you get in touch with the 'female' or unselfish side of yourself, no matter whether you are a man or a woman. Isis crystals put you in touch with the power of the Goddess. For men, the Isis crystal will help you become more in tune with your feminine side and to become more aware of the aspects of women that you may find troubling. For women, the Isis crystal will help you regain some of the power and energy that society has taken from you. 

Time Line to the Future - A crystal with a rectangular face leaning to the right.  It is believed the can be used to access information from the future.

Faden-Lined Crystal - are crystals that have clearly visible within their interior structure a milky feather line, that usually runs through the crystal.  Faden lines manifest primarily in tabby shaped crystals, but have on extremely rare occasions, have been found in a normal single point crystal.   It is believed that the line represents the seed point of growth and they have the ability to activate or start new growth within one's self or within someone you are working with, utilizing healing energy.

We are in the age of the crystals. 

The Copper Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Industrial Age built our world to what it is today.  Now it is Crystal Age.  We are just starting to understand and harness the power of the crystal as humans. 

Our entire modern world runs on crystals. 

Where would we be without Cell phones, television, the Internet and even MRI machines? All need crystals to function. 

Nature has been harnessing the power of crystals.

Birds, sharks, sea turtles, butterflies, lobsters, insects and even bacteria use crystals in their body to navigate and communicate.  Crystals of magnetite lodestone allow pigeons, bees rainbow trout and salmon to navigate the electromagnetic field of earth. Biomineralization is the process by which living organisms produce minerals, often to harden or stiffen existing tissues.  Science has found over 60 different kinds of minerals in the human body.

Crystals have been used for as long as recorded time through the world and by Native American tribes for healing. It is said to be especially beneficial for relieving anxiety, in all its forms, promoting health, bringing happiness and creating wealth.  What is going on?  Science does not know.   We can only observe and be amazed by the Crystal.